Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Last Wednesday my dad turned the big 5-0! Although we have been celebrating for what feels like a month, the actual day is always the most important in our family.
So what does the best daughter in the world do?... I go down to Little Rock and pull off a spectacular surprise!!! He had no clue and didn't see it coming at all. I had sent him a card a few days before that arrived the morning of and when I talked to him, I said "I'm so sorry I can't be there to celebrate with you!" Thankfully, he bought all of that. I left immediately from work, and then went straight to Bonefish grill where they were about to sit down for dinner! I walked in and said "SURPRISE!" The look on his face was priceless. Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of that because it happened so fast.

Here are some other pics from the night!

Love him tons, even if he is old!

Viagra as a joke!

Mom loves giving presents and making birthdays special!

Ooh a new tennis racket that would soon come in handy to beat me with!

Ahh, I wrote him a letter. What else do you get a guy that has everything?

dad and his #1 daughters.

My amazing family.

I seriously feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family. My mom and dad always go out of their ways to make birthdays special, so I tried to do the same for him for his big one! Mom, you are next! I'm already planning stuff. Its wonderful to have such young parents. They are always a blast.

On Thursday, we decided to test out dad's new tennis racket....

And I got skunked!!! That new racket really helped him out.
Next time I will get him!

It was great going down and having quality family time. We never get to do that.
Then thursday night my sister and I headed back to Fayetteville. She spent the weekend with me which was also a blast!

Dad, I hope you had a fabulous 50th birthday! Thanks for being born and having me so you could be my dad! I'm truly thankful for you!


Mary Virginia said...

Hmmm, when my dad turned 50 I was only eight! Ha! Glad you guys had fun!