Saturday, May 22, 2010

wake-up call(s)

Earlier this week something terrible happened. Something so scary and sad. Scary that it happened to someone I know and sad that there are such terrible people in this world that enjoy preying on girls.
A friend of mine and pi phi sister that lives in Little Rock was attcked, beaten and almost kidnapped last Sunday. I don't want to say any names for their sake of protection, but it was horrible.
When I heard of this news last Monday, I could not believe it. It consumed my mind and thoughts all day long. I was relieved that she was not taken and that the Lord spared her life. I know she will use this awful experience to glorify God through it someday. I'm so proud of her for being strong.

This whole situation has been a true eye opener. It has made me aware of severeal things, such as being thankful to have life everyday and to not take things for granted.  Also that I need to be more aware of my surroundings and never be trusting. I feel like living in NWA it is safe, and I think it is for the most part, but seriosuly you just never know. I'm kind of a skeptic of people that I don't know anyways, so I will keep doing that even if that means that I come across snobby.

The good news is that they did catch the monster that did this to her. He is in fact behind bars which is such a praise. The LRPD acted fast and did a great job.

You can read the 2 news stories HERE and HERE if you would like.

My friend is doing well and recovering. Please pray for her and her sweet family. Pray for an overwhelming peace and protection to surround them and praise our Maker that he saved her life!

Now go take a self-defense class. Seriously!


Linds said...

that's scary! I might also add that you might want to be careful about what you post online-- people can blog stalk just to find out when you'll be out of town, where you'll be, etc. It's so sad that we have to live like this!!

The Slonekers said...

I heard about this the other day from a friend. I'm SO THANKFUL that he was found and is in jail now. Scary.