Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The last post I did is still on my mind so I just want to give a few tips for personal safety! Some may already know these things, but it was a good reminder for me. After doing some research, I think I was very un-prepared for an attack.

1. Be aware of your surroundings. Too often women are preoccupied and not being observant, this can lead to trouble.
2. Remember to keep your body language strong. Avoid looking like a victim or an easy target.

3. When you are out and about town, never wear flashy jewelry.
4. Never ever hitchhike!
5. Trust your instincts, if you feel danger approaching, get out of the situation as fast as possible.
6. If you feel someone is following you, turn and look them straight in the eye. This gives the impression that you aren't fearful and will help you have a description of who they are.
7. If grabbed by a stranger, remember the four most sensitive areas on a man's body are the eyes, knees, groin, and throat. On a woman, there are three: eyes, throat, and knees. Women
8. Don't yell police, people don't respond to cries for help. Instead, be specific, call out to a passerby, "Hey you, call 911 immediately!" This is more effective then yelling, "Help, police!"
9. Have a plan of attack ready in your mind. Practice how you will defend yourself and then if the situation arises, you won't be mentally unprepared for what you may have to do to defend yourself.

10. Anything is a weapon in times of self-defense. Search your surrounding environment, if you are attacked there are no holds barred, your very life will depend on your ingenuity for your survival. In a parking lot,

objects such as bottles, rocks, stones, even sticks can become weapons. Items in your purse can be handy as well, metal nail files can serve as a weapon, hairspray can double as mace; your cell phone can be used to hit an attacker after dialing 911. The more you prepare and plan and keep in mind the sensitive areas of the human body, you will realize that you don't have to get a gun to be safe. Any object applied to the attacker's eyes, throat, groin, or knees will be sufficient to give you time to escape and get to safety. Just remember the importance of planning and thinking these strategies ahead of time. You don't want to be overtaken by fear and panic and not use the weapons which you have readily available to you.

You can see that with a little preparation, common sense, and quick thinking you can effectively defend yourself if attacked. You may also want to take a self-defense class to further your safety and protection.

This information came from here.

There is a lot more information out there such as actual self-defense moves and other great tips.
Here are some more great sites:

I hope this was informative, I know its not fun, but I think we should all be more aware. I also think sometimes we think it won't happen to us, but that is just not the case anymore.


Jenna said...

It's really always better to know some self defense as what you've mentioned. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. It's also advisable to have some personal protection like pepper spray. More power!