Friday, June 24, 2011

NYC bound

I'm so excited, last week Marc booked me a flight to NYC! He will already be working there during the week and I will fly out on the weekend so we can spend it together. Thankfully we had some free miles to use so it was a free trip for us to get there!
I never thought in a million years I would go to New York with Marc because he hates crowded places with lots of people, and does not enjoy large, busy cities. So it should be interesting. Ha!
I have been 2 other times, one with my fam and one time for a wedding and loved it both times.

If you have ever been, where is a good place to stay and what are some must-do's that are not-so-costly? {Medical bills and car bills are taking over our budget at a brisk pace right now}so we have to do this trip cheap! Our birthdays will be the very next week, so I'm pretending like it's our b-day trip!

I'm super excited to have a little get away, because this week has just about done me in. It has definitely been one of the more difficult ones. I will try to explain another day. For now, I'm just thankful to have something to look forward too.

Please leave me a comment telling me some things we should do!


Megan said...

A cheap, local and quirky restaurant that I always make a point to eat at whenever I'm in NYC is Blockhead's. It's primarily Mexican food with killer quseadillas, but it also serves up a mean brunch on the weekend. There's several locations too, so just Google it :)

Elizabeth French Cooper said...

(1) Bryant Park - it is fabulous and free.

(2) NY Public Library - also free, famous (think Ghostbusters)

(3) Papaya King - famous hot dogs

(4)The top of the Rockefeller Center Building - awesome view, not as crowded as the Empire State Building