Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 years

This past weekend we had my husbands 10 year reunion. I have been looking forward to this literally since I met him. He grew up in a very small, farm town and may or may not have been pretty popular!
Some people {aka- me} have given him a hard time about his yearbook a lot over the years. He got "Mr. PHS", "best dressed", "Hall of Merit", etc, etc. mainly because it was a very small school and all the 9th grade girls were in love with him. Ha!
Nonetheless, I was actually pretty excited to meet the people he had grown up with. I was really expecting it to be pretty entertaining, but it was way more low key than I thought. It was actually refreshing getting to hang out with some new people and have a break from the usual, repetitive conversations.

an old friend of Marc'ss

I think he's a keeper for sure! I mean he was Mr. PHS!

a little yearbook fun!

 old love...

I'm thankful we were able to go and to also get to spend some time with his family. Since they live 6 hours away we don't get to see them very much. Plus we got to meet Marc's new nephew.
Now I'm getting so excited for my 10 year next year and Marc will have to go since I went to his! I also graduated from a very small school so it will be a blast seeing everyone!


Ben and Emily said...

How fun! I love the Mr. PHS picture....too funny!!