Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Beginning

Friday I received all my "goods" as I like to call them. They came in a huge box and some even in a cooler with freezer packs on them. This made everything very real.

this is a horrible pic, but it is about half of the "goods"

I know in my last post about ivf I was a little bit  overwhelmed. After a day of feeling down and out I quickly regained a better perspective and I was reminded about a few things.
I really tried to thank God a ton for allowing me to be able to do this and bringing me to this point of utter desperation for Him. It is no longer in my control whatsoever {it really never was}, but fully up to Him about this outcome. I really do still have a peace about all of this and I feel like it is going by pretty quickly.
Marc has been great about reminding me to let go and give it up because sometimes I get brain farts along the way.

The shots so far haven't been too bad. The first day I chickened out and had my friend who happens to be a nurse and happens to be my neighbor come over and give me the first shot. I had my mom and Marc both watch so they would know for the future.
The funny shot story I have is that Saturday we were all going to the Razorback game and I remembered I have to have my shot between 6pm-8pm and the game started at 6 and would most likely not be over until around 10. So what do I do... I take a needle, the medicine and an alcohol swab in my clutch into the game. I kid you not, my mom and I packed in a tiny stall in the bathroom and she gave me a shot right before kick- off. I did freak out right before going in thinking there was No way they would let me in with a needle in purse, but I turned it over and kind of covered it and they never saw it ... which probably isn't a good thing! Oh well we all survived and all in all it was a success.

For some reason I haven't mustered up enough courage to give the shots to myself. I just can't do it quite yet. I guess I'm still getting used to the idea that this is "my normal."
I'm very excited that this is the Beginning for us and hopefully the beginning of something great!


Ashley said...

I couldn't give myself the shots either... maybe if I had started 2 hours before I might have been able to convince myself... haha

I am glad things are going smoothly soo far! If you have any questions or just want to vent, just drop me an email ;)

ty said...

You're in our thoughts and prayers :)

Corby and Lauren said...

You and Marc are continually in my prayers... I can't imagine how hard this journey has been for you! You have handled everything with such grace... a great example for all (especially me!!!)!

Joys Truly said...

Glad you have started. The shots get easier, I did not give them to myself until my husband was out of town and I had to. If you don't have to, I think it is way easier for someone else to give them. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Sara said...

My husband and I are big OU Sooners fans and we had a home night game a few weeks ago during the time where I was doing 3 shots a night. I didn't have a choice but to pack all my meds and supplies in a cosmetic bag. I too was worried security would have a problem but they didn't search my purse that thoroughly. (Which isn't that comforting, but good for me!) It was definitely an interesting and not ideal experience and there was barely enough space in the bathroom stall to spread it all out. Plus it was in a public bathroom, ew!

During one of my IUI rounds, I ended up giving myself the injections of menopur and learned that I could overcome the fear of injecting myself. NEVER thought I would be able to! Whatever it takes right!?

waiting and wishing said...

I think one of the hardest parts of this process is accepting that this is your 'normal'

I was pretty resentful of the first few shots, but once I got over it and started viewing it as a means to our babies instead of unfair- it all got a little easier.

FYI, I think follistim is easier to self-administer because of the weird twisting as you push the plunger. When someone else gives it to you, it ends up being a little more painful because they can't feel what you're feeling. Plus the needles that come with the pen are SUPER sharp you really can't hardly feel a thing.

Thinking of you, and praying that everything moves smoothly for you!

Emily Richardson said...

praying for you guys and all that is in store!