Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Painting Day

This past weekend we decided to tackle a big painting project and it actually had nothing to do with the nursery. I have been wanting to re-do our coffee tables for quite sometime. I just felt like I had too much dark stuff in our living room and it always felt dark so i was more than ready to lighten things up. One of my friends did this to her table and assured me that I could do it. Please not: I have never painted anything in my life! Ha!
So first we started with sanding it. Sanded it enough (by hand) to take the top layer of gloss off.

We then primed it. I would suggest 2 coats of white primer if you have a dark table.

(please excuse my nastiness :)
And don't worry, I didn't inhale any fumes, I just suffocated instead.

We used Behr paint from Home Depot. The color is called Putnam Ivory.
Here is the first coat. I already was liking it better.

End table! (this one did not need 2 coats of paint)

Lastly, we used "antiquing glaze" from Lowes for the finishing touches. We watched a youtube video on how to apply so we didn't mess it up. Marc did most of it because I was taking forever. Thanks honey!

Ta-Da! Here is the finished product.

I really love how it lightened everything up and really changed the whole look of the living room. 

This was our side painting project! I took a break and went with Katie to some antique/flea markets stores on Saturday and I found these 2 chairs at a random flea market in prairie grove. I knew they would perfect for the nursery. $20 each is hard to beat these days so I snatched them up. Can't wait to recover them in turquoise fabric!

I primed them and then used a high gloss white.
(well actually Marc did!). He didn't want me to inhale those fumes.

It took us all weekend but I love how everything turned out. I'm super excited to get started on the nursery now! Let me know what you think!


Linds said...

I love the look of your tables! So great!

Mallory said...

Wow! Love the tables, great idea!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see how the chair turn out!

Carrie said...


emily said...

Looks great!!!

Julee said...

Those chairs are awesome!