Thursday, July 12, 2012

24-25.5 weeks

I know I don't post weekly updates every week, but I don't want to ever be too annoying and want to stay respectful for those that are still waiting. However, I do intend to print this blog into a book for my child one day so it is my life and my journal of whats happening with us. Oh and Marc and I can't ever remember things, so we consistently look back at things on here.

I had my glucose test a couple of weeks ago and i'm assuming I passed because I never heard from anyone. I guess no news is good news. I feel very relieved because I just assumed I would fail just like in most other areas such as the AFP test, getting pregnant, etc...;)
In the past 2 weeks I have grown a ton. I mean she just popped out there. I'm also feeling her way more these days, like lots of rolls and thumps. She is super active at nights and in the mornings when I start flopping around. I think I make her mad by tossing and turning so much in the morning. It doesn't keep me up at night, but I love waking up feeling her. I will never get tired of that feeling (and yes i'm aware she will kick me in my ribs and other places) but I'm grateful for each flutter, kick, punch, roll and whatever else she does in there. I tell Marc each day how much I love feeling her and I love when he gets to feel her. These are moments I will never take for granted. I'm truly soaking up each day of this pregnancy as if I may never get to experience it again because it really may be our only time to be pregnant. We have 1 embryo left, but will probably not do another fresh cycle of ivf again, so if that embryo doesn't take, this is really it for us. I know that is looking ahead a ton, but it is a great reminder for me to embrace the present and not worry about the future.
I can't wait to meet her in just 3 short months, but shocked at how fast it is going by. I continue to feel great. My energy level is consistently high and my back is still staying strong. Maybe the metal is helping me!?


24 weeks
and growing...

25 weeks

The other night we took dinner to some friends that had a baby 3 weeks ago. It was surreal to me that this will be us in 3 months. I asked many of my questions and even got a diaper changing tutorial while we were there. I realized I couldn't remember the last time I changed a diaper and if I even knew how. (yikes) I've done it before, its just been awhile! They were great to talk us through what reality is after she gets here. Sometimes I live in la-la land and forget the actual reality that will soon be happening.

Marc and Rooney.

This guy will make one fantastic father!

Still no progress or updates on her room, but I'm so very excited because today her room is getting painted! I'm hoping to get the bed set up in there this weekend and give my fabric to my friend that will be making it! So slowly, but surely we are making progress. Last night as we were moving things out of her room, I almost got teary eyed just thinking about how we finally get to start this new chapter. I was cleaning out tons of photo albums and old pics in frames of Marc and I and just feel so grateful that we get to experience this together. I know how much of a miracle it is and it makes everyday that much sweeter. (sorry, cheesy I know)


Linds said...

I LOVED feeling the boys move when I was pregnant. It's my most missed thing about being pregnant.

Mallory said...

As someone who's still 'waiting' this post gave me chills. Especially the part about you getting teary, I can see that day....You look so great!

Carrie said...

I can just feel your joy as I read this. I, too, went through my pregnancy with the attitude that it may be the first and last time I'm ever pregnant, so I just soaked it all in and appreciated every second! It sounds like you're having a relatively easy pregnancy which is so great! You are going to be a great mommy!