Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Golden Birthday Week

Well its not really my golden b-day, but yesterday I turned 28 and I will be turning 28 weeks pregnant! Although most people consider that to be young, I feel like I'm aging at a rapid pace. I know I'm not, I just feel like I lost a couple of years from infertility. This years birthday was much better than last. Last year I experienced some serious birthday blues... I even wrote a post on it HERE. I did get to spend it at the beach last year which helped a ton. This year was more low key, but I had so much more joy in my heart. Its an amazing feeling to have excitement and less anxiousness and fear.

Yesterday I celebrated with some of my closest friends by going out to eat. It is a tradition we have had for years now! We always get together and pick a fun place to go. I always look forward to it. This year we went to Noodles and it was delicious. I unfortunately did not remember to get a group pic and I'm so mad at myself. Not sure how that happened. Oh well, I guess it happens.
I did get a hilarious card from my friend, Rachael. It made me laugh really hard.

My sweet hubby got me some awesome new perfume! I absolutely love it.

Obviously I was straight up out of all my perfumes. He also thinks 
I need a different hobby instead of shopping and smelling good :)

Here I am. 28 years and 28 weeks. Hard to believe. {Oh And I'm massive now :)}

We have a couple appointments this week so I will do an big update at the end of the week! It is also Marc's bday on Friday so this is always a fun week for us. Plus our 7yr anni is right around the corner!