Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend celebrations

Each year we head to the lake to celebrate the trio of birthdays. Mine is July 23rd, Marc's is the 27th, and Matt's is the 29th. So we always have a joint b-day party! My mom likes to go all out and make it special for each one of us, which we all appreciate! Friday night we got there in time for dinner and went by boat to a nice restaurant, then the boys got to go on a nice ski run with a new ski my dad just bought.

When we got back, we had cakes waiting on us. This cake is hilarious. When we were there on the 4th, Marc and Matt skied together so we thought this cake was perfect. Plus they both love strawberry cake which makes it look even more interesting...

Then mom got me my own, which was super cute and my fave with cream cheese icing and white cake.

All the presents, complete with a banner.

This defines their friendship of 10 years. Clearly.

I turned 28, Marc turned 29, and Matt turned the big 3-0! Glad i'm the youngest of the group!

Hottest day ever, but still very fun.

Met up w/ some fun friends and took a nice, long swim break.

We had a great week and weekend of celebrating our birthdays! Thanks Mom and dad for making it wonderful once again and hosting all of us!