Thursday, July 19, 2012

Productive weekend

This past weekend we had a super productive one! We haven't been home much so we maximized our "getting stuff done" time. When I got home thursday the room was all painted and my mom was at my house ready to do whatever. I went with a cream color. I will have a lot of white in there and I wanted it to feel bright and fresh. I'm usually a color person, so this was kind of hard for me to get excited about. I have a grand vision, it just isn't quite complete yet. I will be adding some turquoise and coral all throughout, so it won't look too bland. when I got home from dinner thursday night, my sweet hubby had set the crib up which was such a delight to see! Seeing this made it much more real. And I kept saying, "are we really doing this people?" It was for sure a surreal moment, but also a true moment of JOY!

Auntie Meg organizing her closet full of clothes.

I think we may be in a bit of trouble thanks to Nana Jan. Don't worry, we have a tutu.

Marc hung this beautiful, old chandy my mom found at an old flea market. Mom was making it perfect.

And here is the beginning of the cozy nook in her room! I go sit in that chair about once a day just trying to imagine what she will be like and praying over her.    

I also experienced my first garage sale. I have been going through rooms and closets the past several months to get rid of things we no longer have space for. We got together with 4 other people from our neighborhood and had a huge garage sale on Saturday. It was very successful and we donated what was left. It feels great to get rid of so much stuff we did not need or use!
After all of that, I was completely exhausted and got to rest a little on Sunday. I'm pretty sure I did too much and may need to take it easier from here on out.


Mallory said...

Her room is beautiful! I love the nook! So excited for you!! :)

emily said...

I love the nook chandelier and her crib!!

Vicki and Don said...

Wow! I wonder if she'll be able to wear ALL those clothes! LOL Love it, I have to say I was probably just as bad with my granddaughter! I'm still a sucker for her clothes and she knows it! :-)