Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marc and Babies

Think someone is ready for a baby?

Umm slightly...
Everyday I hear in this cute little pathetic voice, "please make me a baby." "I want a baby." "I will be a good dad, I promise!"
Well those cute, little quotes SCARE the mess out of me. BIG time! Those cute little bundles scare me even more.

That's all.  Happy Hump Day!


oh little leah said...

Oh, how you need a baby!!

Mindy said...

I am laughing out loud!! SO funny!!! They are really not scary...just little bundles of JOY! DO IT!!! :)

Vicki and Don said...

I'll bet your mom is even MORE ready than Mark! :-)

Elizabeth French said...

Hahhahahahah. How presh.