Thursday, June 10, 2010

Project Closet

Project closet happened a few weeks ago. My great, GREAT friend Rachael came over to help me re-organize my life. She is an awesome organizer and I simply am not. My closet had become so overwhelming, I was desperate for help. She was so wonderful to sacrifice part of her Saturdays to help me.

Here are the BEFORE's:

It was bad...Really Bad


So, So much better now. Look at all of those extra hangers!

Rachael kept telling me "My Glory Days are over." Apparently I had a few outdated things and "smaller" things that I may or may not have been hopeful to wear again. Dang you slower metabolism. 

This was her thank you treat! Funfetti cookies!!! Oh my word these are so yummy. You can buy this cookie mix at target and its fabulous. You can even make double doozies!

Thank you Ra for helping me re-organize! It is so much better getting ready in the mornings. Cuts my time down by at least 10 minutes because I can actually find things. And just for the record, it is still very clean!

Happy Weekend!


Linds said...

oh my word, I need taht done to my front room!

Elizabeth French said...

i love funfetti cookies.

Lindsay said...

Oh, you KNOW that I love this girl. I remember your closet was always a mess when we were kids! It looks SOOOOOOO much better!

Vicki and Don said...

Impressive! My closet looks almost like that except that I too could weed out a lot of things that don't fit! :-) Enjoy it!