Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I got to spend a short 24 hours with 2 of my favorite people this past weekend! It was just what I needed.
My friend Rachael and I woke up sat morning and headed to Tulsa to meet our friend Liz. We did some shopping, eating, and mainly just catching up!
Ra, Liz and I all became really close friends in college. They definitely made my college experience better than I could have imagined. I loved annoying them late at night in the sorority house, although I'm certain they did not. We did everything together! Like ate every single meal together.
We talked about how we wish we could just go back for one night. We reflected on how amazing life was in college and how simple It was. Since we cannot go back, we just reminisced instead.

I'm so thankful to have faithful, loyal friends like them. They just get me and are always there for me when I need them. I can't imagine not knowing them or not having them in my life!

Love you girls!!