Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pinterest Love

I've been on pinterest for a few months now and I'm in Love. I also have been meaning to do a post about it forever, but just now getting around to it.
If you haven't heard about, this website allows you to store, organize, and post all things that you love that you find on the internet. It's perfect if you are wanting to find new recipes, get decorating ideas, or fashion ideas.
It didn't take long for it to get my creative juices going. I want to re-do my whole house now (pretend you didn't read that Marc), although it also has re-inspired me to cook again, so that is definitely a plus for Marc!

Here are a few things I've been inspired to try so far...

2 ingredient lemon bars... so easy. You just need a can of lemon pie filling and and box of angel food cake. mix. And bake. They aren't ooey gooey, but still worth making.

 I made these spinach lasagna rolls tonight. They are actually pretty healthy. They have spinach and chicken in them and weren't tooo hard to make suprsingly! Yum.
you can find the recipe here or on my pinterest "recipe" board.

 I was also inspired by this little creative idea. I have no linen cabinet in my bathroom so this was a perfect solution for me! I mean such a simple idea, but also cute!

Thanks Pinterest. You are a inspiring, creative, and the best time waster I have ever met.
You should try it out if you haven't. You will thank me later.

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Sarah Autry said...

LOOOOOOOOVE Pinterest! Great taste in websites :)

MACY said...

interesting.. thanks for sharing!!