Tuesday, November 1, 2011

8 years ago

8 years ago today my sorority had a function called "Great Outdoors." It was my first time that I had to ask someone to a function. It was so hard for me to be doing the inviting and I was SOO nervous.
I had seen Marc several times and only had met him a couple times through mutual friends. I thought he was the hottest/dreamiest guy at school (still think he would be!) I had several people re-affirm me that I should ask him and that he was a great guy. Someone also thought it would be fun to go ahead and let him know that I was going to ask him.... I think it took me a full 2 weeks to get the nerve up to finally ask him and when I did, he totally knew what I was doing and set it up for me :)
He told me he never gets invited to functions anymore, (that was a LIE!) I didn't care I was just so thrilled he said yes and was coming! I was on cloud nine and super nervous about it.

I had the best time with him. We went with several people to a cabin and cooked out and watched fun Halloween movies. We didn't do a whole lot, but I could tell after a few conversations we had a lot in common with each other and I was already thinking about another function I could ask him too. I had fallen for him. I was ridiculous, and not ashamed.

When we got home I was talking to my mother about how great he was and that I probably would never hear from him again, and really didn't think I had a chance.... well he actually beeped in that same conversation and wanted me to see a deer he had just killed!!! Of course I said YES and what does he do, he brings the deer in the back parking lot of the Pi phi house and I oohed and awed over that deer like it was the greatest thing I had ever seen!
That sealed the deal for him and the rest is history! Well it took him a little longer than it did me, but I knew it would work out if he would ever come around and he obviously did!

this is not a pic from that function, but I still wear that t-shirt from that weekend!
Ignore the ugliness of my face, just showing how much I still love the shirt!

And this is the deer that sealed the deal for him! Yep, its hanging in our house.

And that is why I love November 1st!
The End


Marc said...

Wow, I am really a redneck, I guess. I mean, who takes a dead animal to a sorority house? Oh well.

Ben and Emily said...

What a sweet story! Happy anniversary!

kate said...

I like this story. Happy November 1st!