Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A get-away

Now for some happy... Obviously it was a rough week last week, but thankfully I had already planned a trip with my mom back in the summer to Austin, TX to see my good friend! It just so happened to be the best timing ever for me. I would still be way down in the dumps if I had not gone.
I went to visit my friend from middle school-high school. I would say I have kept up with her the most since we got out of high school and we unfortunately did not attend the same college.
Even though she lives in Austin, I have been able to see her at least a couple of times a year.
We had so much fun. Did lots of shopping, eating, and chatting! It was the perfect girls trip.

my favorite dessert place of all time.... gordoughs. Yep its darn good and darn unhealthy, but who is counting calories on vacay anyways ;) 

my mom even liked it and she doesn't even like sweets.

the shopping damage... sorry dad and Marc. We got lots of Christmas shopping done though

and last but not least, her precious daughter Willow. She was our entertainment for the weekend!

We did so many more things that I did not take pictures of. All I know is I'm in love with Austin and could move there at any time! I even told Marc I found us a house ;). It reminds me of Fayetteville, AR on crack! Ha.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Thanks for your sweet comments and emails. They meant a lot to me. I'm really doing much better.


Mallory said...

So glad you got away. Dealing with a tid bit of what you're going through (No IVF) we just got away this weekend and it was so good for my soul. Getaways are great! Perfect pictures too, glad you are doing better!

Elizabeth French Cooper said...

Such a fun trip! You guys all look great. And how have I not been to this Gordough's place?! (PS How did I not know your mother doesn't like sweets?).

Glad you got to get away and get some rest. Miss you.

Laura Darling said...

That looks like such a great weekend! And that is some impressive shopping damage!