Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Part Deux

That next morning after the retrieval they called us with an update of how many babies we had made!
To our surprise, we got 5 out of our 8! We were very surprised and super thankful because half or less usually take when fertilized.
Also to our surprise, they did 2 different methods of ivf. They used 4 eggs with ICSI and 4 with conventional ivf. ICSI is where they directly inject the egg with the sperm and the conventional is where they place an egg in a dish and then put millions of sperm in there and let them do their thing. All 4 ICSI eggs were fertilized and only 1 egg was fertilized the conventional way. They didn't even tell us they were doing this but I'm oh so grateful they chose that way.
I know if you have never heard about ivf it can be very confusing and overwhelming so I'm trying to do my best to explain things thoroughly :). Ivf is very complex and difficult for some to comprehend. All I know is that God made someone very smart to invent this medical procedure.
So each day they would give us a report on how our embryos were doing. Each day they are looking for them to split and divide. Each morning felt like an eternity. They eventually get to a stage called the "Blast" stage. They must get to a blast stage before transferring. We had 1 that was dividing quickly and the others were being a tad bit slower. When it came time for transfer day we only had 1 that was transferable. They also informed us that the other 4 may not make it to the stage of where they could be frozen. This was SHOCKING to us. I don't know if it was lack of knowledge and research or what, but we thought we would for sure at least get to have 1-2 frozen. They informed us that 30% was average for each cycle, so for us that would be around 1-2. We were very sad about this news. So we began to beg God to save them. We sent out an email to our prayer support and they began to pray as well. To our surprise, the next day the nurse emailed me and was in complete SHOCK! She said you got 3 frozen!!! She also proceeded to tell me that this never happens for someone to get 4 out of their 5! It was a true miracle! We were in awe of Gods graciousness. This was my very first miracle to experience, or at least one I can remember.

This is huge for several reasons. This means that if the one they put in me doesn't take, we can go back in for a frozen cycle which costs way less and it is not near as long and painful as a "fresh" cycle. And no shots will be involved either. For that, we are so thankful to God.

We did our transfer on day 5 which was a Sunday. I took it easy for 48 hours and then that begins the 2 week dreadful wait.

Stay tuned for Part 3...


Joys Truly said...

Wow, that is a miracle three went to freeze! That is so great! I'm hoping part 3 of this story ends with a BFP!

Mallory said...

OH my! Bless y'alls hearts. I'm waiting on Part 3! Prayers!

waiting and wishing said...

Thank goodness for ICSI- we used it in our cycle too! We only had four fertilize and every single of them ended up making it- I can totally relate to that amazing feeling! I NEVER expected that to happen :) I'm loving your story so far and can't wait to read part three!

Lauren Lashlee said...

Praise the Lord!! Such a great update! Hoping part 3 is word of a little miracle growing in your belly!! Can't wait to hear!!

Riley Hill said...

that's awesome!! i hope and pray that there's good news coming!!!

Amanda said...

This is just SO exciting!!! I, too, am hoping for a BFP in Part 3!!!