Thursday, December 22, 2011


I think I have mentioned JOYN on here before, but this year we got some new stockings that I just absolutely love. If you live in Fayetteville and have been to the Mama Carmans coffee shop or to the Mustache store in the square you have seen some of these products! They truly are awesome. Marc used to work with the people that started this company in India. They have gotten to employ several people that may not have ever had jobs which I think is so cool and makes me want to buy lots and lots of their products!
Plus my new favorite pattern is chevron and lots of their items have that pattern on them... so whats not to love?
here are our new stockings!

 Cute clutch to take with me to all the Razorback games!

You can check out their website or just buy something from them! or find them on facebook.


Jessica said...

Michelle, I just returned from a trip to India and I spent an afternoon with Dave and Melody Murray in Rajpur. I was able to see their workplaces meet some of the women who make these products. I love what they are doing. What a small world! Love to you! Jessica Brogdon