Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh how I love engagements

So one of my longest, closest, dearest friends got engaged this past Friday night. I could not be more thrilled. She means so much to me and is/has always been there for me. She often knows what I need more than I do ;). We like to call ourselves "SM's" which means soulmates. We have somehow developed our own language over the years. And when I say over the years, I mean we went to pre-K together all the way through college... that my friends is a long time to know someone. We were close in high school, but in college we became super close.
Rachael is one of the most thoughtful and most caring person I have ever known. She would literally do anything for you. Because she is such a good friend to so many, she has been a bridesmaid about 15 exaggeration on  that number. So needless to say, it is most definitely her turn! I think I felt maybe just as giddy if not more as she did! I also had the privilege of going with her fiance to help pick out the ring. That was a first for me and it was so exciting. It was also very difficult to have to consistently lie to her about not knowing anything!

I can't wait to help start planning a wedding. I told her I've needed a project and to watch out...:) I may become a bridesmaidzilla. We had a fun engagement party for them on Sunday night. It was so last minute I was shocked how many people were able to come out for it. I know it meant a lot for them.

 As soon as he bought the ring I ordered this awesome platter so that I could have it ready to go for an engagement present! It may have been the first time I've ever been prepared with something personalized!
 the platter came from Amy Hannon over at Sincerely Yours. Her etsy shop is amazing and she does awesome note cards and wedding invites as well!

Happy Engagement weekend Ra!