Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Blog Hop Tour

I love Fall! My house was made for fall because of all the orange in it and it makes me so happy.
I'm also thrilled because I had my mom do a little re-decorating when she came into town the other weekend! Another little happy is that I hit up the I.O. metro warehouse sale and I found a little treasure, which is just so exciting to have a new piece in my house!

So here is what I have so far...

these sconces are new and I'm still waiting to get some large candles. I know these look dinky.

new fall arrangement

this is my new piece! I've been looking for something tall to put my tv on and I finally found the perfect thing!

If you love Fall as much as I do, link up below to show a tour of your home decorated for fall or what your favorite thing about fall is! I thought it might be a fun way to get in a Fallish Spirit. I'm also absoutely loving the weather right now.


Ashley said...

I am a new follower!!

Feel free to pop by and say hello when you get a chance ;)

Carly Grace said...

cute pumpkin plates! I haven't have time to take any pic of my fall decor yet, otherwise I'd join your hop.