Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fun times

We had a great weekend this past weekend. Our schedule was packed full of of hanging out and spending time with friends and family.

Friday night we had a fun "Hog Party" over the Baileys. She had it catered with some yummy food and she even had the margarita man there! Pretty much our whole community group was there, so that was way fun.

plus my buddy Sawyer was there....i'm still very obsessed with him

i may or may not have give him some cake...this may or may not be the result...i'll never tell.
 I have to keep my "Aunt Chelle" status as long as possible... just sayin

who knows what was going on here

Saturday my parents came up. It was dads day at the Pi Phi house. And my dad being the sweetest dad ever (even with a bummed knee) came and had lunch with Meg. We had some great food there and then later after the rain stopped, My mom, Marc and I headed to the Razorback game. It unfortunately ended up being a close game, so we stayed most of the time. It was fun, even in the nosebleed section.

On Sunday we went back over the Baileys house and had a luncheon for Katie (Sawyers mom). She is due in about a month with Brooklyn. I'm really hoping B will like me as much as S!
she is of course the cutest prego person ever...even with #2

repeat picture from friday


Emily Richardson said...

You look BEAUTIFUL in that pic with Sawyer! Wish I could get my braids to look that good:)!