Sunday, September 11, 2011


On 9-1-01....

I was sitting in my first period math class my senior year. Someone came in and told our teacher what was happening and then we found a TV to watch. I was so confused as to what was going on. I remember thinking I had no clue what the world trade center was but it sounded important. I really kept thinking it was all an accident. I think I just kept asking questions all day that no one could answer. Then when I was on my way home from school that day, and it was chaos. People thought there was going to be no more gas available. The lines to get gas were crazy backed up and I was thinking, "this is way more serious than I'm aware of." I went home and watched the Tv the rest of the afternoon and night.

Today as I watch all the images I learn way more about what happened on that day. I watched dateline friday night and was sitting there in tears hearing families tragic stories. I get chills when I hear the names of the people that were rescued or went back in to pull someone out of the crashing building. I also think about the brave people on the plane who re-directed it to not hit the whitehouse. They had to have been so brave to take on those terroists.
I really can't imagine how horrific that day was to actually be living there in NYC and walking down the street or working in one of the buildings next to it. I'm sure it felt like a horror movie.

I love how America has United through this awful attack and come together. I went to visit ground zero in the summer of 2003, just 2 years later. It was still such a devastating site. The wall of peoples pictures and names were up, with flowers and momentos. I still had so many questions when I was there. It was a difficult site to see and to process. It made what happened very real to me.

I attended the razorback game yesterday with my mom and somehow they managed to get everyone in the stadium to wear red and white and had the student section wear blue. (they didn't think anyone else would wear blue to a razorback game.) It looked amazing!! They also had a beautiful red, white and blue razorback.

student t-shirt logo
 Proud to be an American and a Razorback!

I love the new memorial they built. I heard someone say instead of saying "A day of remembering" we should say "A day to Unite." I can't wait to go visit these someday! 

My heart goes out to all those families who lost loved ones that day. My prayers are with them.


Brittany said...

I just read the majority of your blog and it really spoke to me. The strenghth you have is incredible! I am praying for you!