Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some of my favorite you tube videos!

I just thought I would post our Top 3 favorite YouTube videos. I absolutely YouTube. If you have any good ones, please let us know becasue we always appreciate a good laugh! Hilarious Leprachaun in Alabama Cute kid in a commercial Evil eyes baby

We have lots more, but those are definitely some of our all time favs!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Its official!

Well its official! We have found a new house and officially made the offer which was officially accepted! So... I have really had some mixed emotions about all of this, but I know it will be good a thing. It is really sad to think about leaving our very fist house we built and lived in. We made it just to our liking, and everything was custom, which I have learned in this house shopping that it makes a huge difference!

In this process, we really feel like the Lord gave us great direction. We had an awesome opportunity to build and then an even better opportunity to buy. The guy came way down off of the original price, so it really made sense to go ahead and buy since the market is way down. We are blessed to have been able to sell our house.

The house is in an awesome neighborhood, with great friends, awesome walking trails, and in a great school district! This house has a fenced in back yard and deck, which Louie will absolutely love, along with me! That is probably my favorite thing!!!
We will most likely be moving the very beginning of August.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Well obviously it has been awhile, and I really don't have a good excuse for not keeping up with this thing considering we don't have any kids and our life really isn't that busy! (well except for we think it is!) So I am trying to make a goal to write when I am extremely inspired or hopefully every friday (since I don't have work!) I really am doing this to document our lives since I don't keep a journal anymore! I think it will be great to look back at this and hopefully show the kids some day!

So where shall I begin!

Right now Marc and I have sold our house to Marc's mom and stepfather! Praise the Lord. It is truly an amazing blessing. Especially since the market is so bad. We are pumped about them moving here and to have family close by!

We have several options and decisions to make in the next 6 weeks, whether we want to buy or build again. So we are just praying through that and we will see what will happen and where the Lord directs us!

In May we were blessed to go to Hawaii with some of our great friends, the Cashion's! We both celebrated our 3rd anniversaries, and Marc and I celebrated our birthdays as well! It was great to get away considering we had not gone anywhere since our honeymoon! I mean the trip was awesome! The views were incredible. We both were like if people are able to experience this place, there is no way people cannot believe in God becasue WOW, it is breathtaking! The Creator definitely knew what he was doing. If you ever get a chance, go to MAui someday! It is worth saving your $$ for it!

Well that should catch you up to speed for now! Enjoy!