Sunday, October 7, 2012

The last weekend

Before having a baby!

It has consisted of running errands, lunch with my sis, A wonderful date with my hubby (sans picture), getting pampered with manis/pedis and getting my hair colored and cut, Hanging out with friends, watching the Razorbacks FiNALLY win and putting last minute baby stuff together!

How do we get the car seat base in?

Auntie meg is ready

Ready for you Maren!

And Marc set the pack and play up! She will most likely reside in there awhile until we get on a decent sleeping schedule since she is upstairs and we are down.

Ready or not, we are having a baby tomorrow! I'm feeling overwhelmed, excited and a tad nervous but know all of that will go away as soon as I meet her.
We are so grateful for all of the many prayers along the way and can't wait to introduce her to you all!

Next post will be introducing miss Maren! Yay! To God be the glory.


Green Girl said...

God bless! Speedy delivery and healthy baby!

Rebekah said...

So excited for you! Praying for an easy and safe delivery and a healthy baby!!

Laura said...

So happy for you. Will be praying for a great nurses, rested doctor, healthy baby, easy delivery for momma and big smiles for daddy!

MeLaNiE said...

Praying for you!! Congrats!!

Joys Truly said...

Praying for a healthy and safe labor for you and lil Maren.