Sunday, July 31, 2011


It felt so great to actually stay home for a weekend. Now don't get me wrong, I love traveling, but considering we haven't really had a weekend home in a month, we were long overdue. It did us good to be homebecause we were extremely productive.
Friday, we had some people over to grill out for our friend Matt's b-day. We usually go to the lake to celebrate me, Marc, and Matt's b-day, but this time we just had to pass due to our many previous trips. We still had a great time.
Saturday, I went and had a pedi with some friends while Marc played golf, then we went to Greenehouse Grill to have some yummy lunch. When I got home {to nap} Marc was in major cleaning mode. He cleaned  the kitchen, moved all the furniture out of the living room to start cleaning the carperts. We borrowed a shampooer because the carpets were looking way rough. So they turned out really good. Then we re-arranged our living room furniture which we have wanted to do for 2 years now. Yay!
We then headed to a going away party and then went to babysit Sawyer so Katie and Andrew could have an anniversary date night.
Sunday, we went to church then got home and stained our deck, which we have also wanted to do for 2 years. Oh and a date night (Marc is not aware of this, but I decided we need one, Ha!)
All that to say, we were very PRODUCTIVE! We are rarely that productive on a weekend, so good thing we did not decide to travel anywhere!

Here is the newly arranged living room. Sorry I don't have a before pic. I really like it. I just needed a change

Here is the deck BEFORE

I think it looks tons better and will hopefully preserve the wood on it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby

I made it back from the beach just in time to celebrate Marc's 28th birthday! Tonight we had a fun get together with our amazing community group. Marc and I have had the privilege of leading this group for the past 4 years. Most are like family to us now.

Katie made Marc the yummiest b-day cake ever! The Paula Dean strawberry cake did not disappoint.

Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing is his fave! And this cake was delish.
I tease him every year about his cake looking like a princess cake since it's always pink, ha! We also called his party a princess party!

The guys surprised him and gave him a gun! What else do you give a guy like Marc?! He was so shocked and couldn't believe it.

So thankful for such a wonderful man to walk beside me as we do this thing called life. I have been more blessed by him over this past year than I could have ever imagined. He is such a rock for me and I continue to keep falling for him each day. {sorry for the cheese}

Happy Birthday Marc! Love you.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Birthday Blues

Sorry I've been MIA lately. I've been busier than ever and on the go like you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would) either way I have not been very good about doing regular updates. I apologize for that. 

So to catch you up on everything, Marc and I took the month off from "trying" this month. I was super excited and thinking that is was going to be great not to have doctors appointments or to have to take those evil meds. Well to be honest, I did not enjoy it whatsoever. I was probably more emotional than I have been in a really long time, I felt more anxious, and I have felt way more bitterness creeping in than in the previous months. All of that to say it has been a really hard month. There have been other things too, but what I'm currently most sad about is that it's my birthday. I think knowing that the birthday has been vastly approaching, my attitude has gotten significantly worse. I usually am the type of person that loves celebrating and making a huge deal about it, but this time is different. I rather we not even acknowledge the day because I don't want to get older. See the thing is that I really wanted to be a young mom, and at the rate I'm going that is just not going to happen. So it makes me sad. I hate milestones, which I know I have said before, but seriously they are constant reminders that I do not have a child. At this point I have no end in sight and that is hard to swallow. I know I have no control over it anymore and I continue to surrender it to Him. I know Marc and I will get through this, I'm just sad right now. I just don't like that I'm another year older. Please don't get my wrong, I do know I'm still young in most people's eyes, but that doesn't change the fact that I want a baby any less.

But to lighten up the mood, my sweet, sweet mother knew I needed to get away, and so she has whisked me away to the BEACH! She planned a spontaneous trip for us like a week ago and now I'm currently in Florida! It's beautiful and BLUE! But a much happier blue than what I've been feeling. I'm so grateful for this time away with my mom and sis. 
My happy place!

Vacations have to be cheaper than therapy... right?!? That's what my momma has always taught me, so I will just keep trying to escape my problems for the time being by going on as many trips as possible ;)
The good thing is, nothing is holding me back! Ha.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Apple

Marc and I just got back from a wonderful weekend away in NYC. We did a ton in 2 1/2 days! I can't tell you how much we needed to get away just the two of us. It was refreshing and good for my soul.
I can't really believe how much we packed in while we were there. Unfortunately, I left my nice camera in the car. (probably because it was 5:45 in the a.m)

So here was our trip in iPhone pics.

A walk in central park zoo

Top of the rock

Brunch with my childhood bestie that has lived there since we graduated. So fun catching up!

Max brenner restaurant. Known as the chocolate place. Ahhmazing!

We ate a lot, walked a ton, saw a show and shopped a lot. Marc was a trooper! I'm so thankful for him and our wonderful time away.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My "killer" dog

My husband goes out of town and this is what happens to me... Everytime he leaves it seems like something always random happens. I once broke my toe, had critters in the attic running around, and lots of other random things. Well this time was no different. He wasn't even gone 24hrs and this happens:

I mean seriously, what am I supposed to do when Louie shows up at the door with this baby bunny in his mouth? I first started yelling at him to drop it and at this point I didn't know if it was alive or not. Everytime I tried to open the door he would try to run in the house with it. Well I got outside and finally got him to drop it and thankfully the bunny got away. I made sure it was clear of the yard for several hours before letting him out again.
The next night at 12:45 am, guess what he found and ran in the house with?!? Ding, ding, ding. He had caught another one and this one did not fare so well. This little guy wasn't hoppin after he was freed :(.

Well at least Marc finally has his hunting dog! Ha!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Wordless style from the lake...

Friday, July 1, 2011

New Hair

On a lighter note from my previous post, I got a little pampering done towards the end of the week last week. I got new hair, a pedi, shopped and went to bordinos. That all made me feel way better! Ha.

My sweet friend Aubrey has done my hair for years. As in like coming up on almost 10 years. She also is the reason for me being a Pi Phi. We grew up in Little Rock going to the same church/ youth group for years but went to different schools. It wasn't until a few years ago when her and her husband joined our community group that we became super close. The past few years have been so fun. Now she has a beautiful 3 month old baby boy, Shepherd. I even had the priviledge of being in the room when he was born, so now we really have a special bond :).

All of that to say, she is also an amazing hair dresser. I got a Brazillian blowout this past friday. And let me just say, if you do not know what this is and you have to straighten your hair everyday, this thing is INCREDIBLE! This stuff is a crazy phenomenon. It took 2 hours and then looked like this!!!


 A couple days later I washed my hair and did not even have to straighten it. Umm hello, I haven't done that since before chi's ever existed. I ALWAYS have to straighten my hair or else it looks like a joke. It literally took me less than 30 minutes to shower and get ready for church on Sunday. That before picture would have been way better if I had blow dried my hair the night before. It would have looked twice as big and nasty.
So if you have to straighten your hair eveyday and need or want a time saver or healthier hair this would be ideal for you. Invest in one. You will not be sad. Call Aubrey at freshair in fayetteville, she's the best ( Although, I may be just a tad partial).