Monday, October 28, 2013

11 Months

Better late than never... {even though she's closer to 13 months now...oops}
I deserve the worst mom ever award!  But I'm about to attempt to play catch up... pomise.
Maren at 11 months...August 8th-September 8th
-sleeps from 8:30-7:30
-can say: bye, bye, baby, ball, pop-pop, da-da, ba-ba (for bottle)
-can wave and imitate us
-pulls up and cruises all around the house and furniture
-started mothers day out on 9/9/13 and loves it!
-takes 4 bottles a day and eats 2-3 meals
-super animated
-weights 18.2lbs
-can hold her bottle on her own
-has 8 teeth

She is so much fun and such a happy girl!