Friday, May 23, 2014

18 and 19 months

Welp. It has been awhile once again....

We have had a busy 2 months. We went to the beach. My sis graduated. Went to a wedding in Dallas. Maren is growing like a weed. She finished a full year at mothers day out, which she looved. 
Maren loves her colors, shapes, singing, elmo, noodles, being outside, starting to string 3-4 words together. She is very chatty and I love it!

She is also tons of fun and a ball of energy. Marc and I often like to reflect on the greatness of God and allowing us the privilege of being her parents when we didn't even know if we would ever have a child. My heart is always hurting for those that are still waiting. I think that is one of the main reasons I haven't kept this blog going. I just felt like it would be pics of my kid all the time (which is what it is) and I just remember that bothering me soo bad when I struggled to get pregnant so I felt like a hypocrite or something. Once you go through infertility you never forget even if you have a child. It really never stops b/c then you are wondering if you can have another and so on... so know I'm still that girl that struggled to get pregnant and also know I hurt with you. I also feel that Maren is a perfect picture of Hope and that miracles can happen. So don't ever give up hope or on God!

Sorry- that has just been weighing on me recently especially as we are re-entering this world while wanting, waiting and praying for #2!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Weekend!
Much love to all those who have served our country and made sacrifices.