Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Express

Who is ready for some fall football?!? Oh man I am. This nice weather has really got me pumped up for it. Marc and I watched this movie the other night, and it was incredible. It is based on a true story, and has some great influential stuff in it! I would highly suggest you rent it and watch it with your spouse or significant other. They will absolutely love it.

My favorite part in it is when they choose to play Texas, "the harder team" and you can see how much hatred there is towards them.

Hog fans can definitely relate.
I mean, seriously I have never seen true hatred until I witnessed my 1st game while in college. One of my favorite memories would be that time I went to Austin, TX when we played them and beat them on their own field! WOWZERS, did that feel amazing! It was incredible! Too bad we don't play them this year! Go Hogs!

Yay for SEC football!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Branson get away

This weekend Marc and I had the opportunity to have a little get away to branson. It was so nice to have some time together!
We definitely experienced Branson this time, which is something we haven't really ever done.
We got there around 1pm on Friday afternoon and went straight to the tanger outlet mall. Marc ended up finding some great deals on clothes and pretty much got a whole new wardrobe! I absolutely love shopping for him because he NEVER buys himself anything.
Friday night we were given tickets to the Branson Showboat Belle. Ha! No laughing. It wasn't that bad, we actually kind of liked it and we got to meet a really sweet old couple.
Saturday we went to Silver dollar city and enjoyed a full day there. I love rides, so I loved it, not so sure the hubby loved it. He has a weak stomach and doesn't love crowds so much. We also got to do a cooking class there, which was super fun! I learned lots of new tricks for in the kitchen... (no laughing marc and family)
Saturday night we went to the landing and shopped some more. We also ate a nice dinner at Cantina Laredo.
Sunday we woke up and went to Big Cedar to eat brunch at the Worman house. If you have never been there, we would HIGHLY recommend it because it is an awesome experience. Its massive, so massive that it was the only meal we ate at all the whole day.
We also had the best table in the whole place. It was on the balcony, except we had our own private little spot! It was gorgeous weather which made it all the more perfect!
Marc and I had a great time re-connecting and just spending time just the two of us which is rare, but very important. I feel that it keeps a marriage very healthy by getting away at least once a year for a couple a days ALONE!

Worman House

View from our balcony at worman

Pure Yumminess!

The Landing

Tired Marc at Silver Dollar

Hello Showboat!

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hubbys new home

Last week marc moved into a new office building. This new building is absolutely incredible. This new building has also consumed lots and lots of his sweet time. He was there 2 nights til 10pm last week and was there All day on Saturday putting together desks and such. He has also worked til 10 two nights this week as well. He is actually there right now as a type this.
Although he has spent lots of his time there, I'm so excited for him to be in this awesome building. I also think it shows how dedicated he is to his work. I would say I feel pretty blessed to have such a dedicated man that values his job, and wants to provide for me. If there is one thing I have learned from marc, it would definitely be about commitmet. This man stands by his word... No matter what. I'm so thankful to have a man comitted to me for forever!

Now for some pics of this new home for marc!

Marcs pod/office

Great room


Back deck

Overlooks the lake Fayetteville trail

Hybrid parking - plug ups

Lots of them

If you want a tour, marc is a pro! And I'm getting pretty good at it as well!

Hope you have a happy weekend! Marc and are are off to Branson for some much needed time alone and a mini anniversary trip.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blog Hop

I am officially participating in my very 1st blog hop! Yay, another blogging goal accomplished.
This bloghop is about your favorite recipe.
My favorite, easiest, most delicious recipe is Italian Chicken. It is also the first meal I ever made Marc and definitely still one of his faves.

Here are the ingredients you need:

4 chicken breasts
1 Italian seasoning packet
3/4 cup of Grated Parmesan cheese

(I didn't have cheese) oops

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix Parmesan cheese and 1 Italian dressing packet in a mixing bowl.
Wet chicken in cold water.
Dip chicken in mixture.
Place in a baking dish.
Cook 25-30 min or until chicken is finished.

This dish goes great with green beans, salad, and french bread. It is also super quick, cheap and tasty. I'm not a gourmet chef, so i love not having to use a ton of ingredients!
Enjoy! Let me know what you think if you try it.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love at First Sight

Today is my 4 year anniversary! WOW! Time has absolutely flown by. Yes, we got married very young, but I would never ever change that. I have not regretted one second, seriously! I'm so thankful and tremendously blessed to have the husband that I have. He is a leader, provider, helper and my best friend. I cannot believe it has been 4 years. It seems like yesterday that we met in the B.A. and the UofA.
I will now tell you how Marc and I came to be! {some of you have already heard this lengthy story, but I thought it should be documented here, since I'm documenting our lives}

It was my sophomore year in college, I had just returned to school from working at Kanakuk Kamps all summer. I had the mindset that there would be NO need to date anyone for the entire year. For real, that is what I thought. Until accidentally Marc and I had class right next door to each other. I had western civ in the B.A. which was a great mistake that should have never happened. Marc had some business class right next door. We ended up walking in BA around the same time, and coincidentally had many of the same friends but did not know each other. I soon started asking our "mutual" friends who this hottie was! They would always go on and on about how great this guy is, yada, yada, yada. I was not completely sold, but definitely thought he was HOT! I then began trying, and when I say trying, I mean stalking the poor guy almost everyday. I really wanted to "accidentally" bump into him. It then turned into me asking him to the pi phi house for chicken finger Friday, EVERY Friday. Then I was encouraged to ask him on a function, which was way out of my comfort zone. Something did not feel right when it seemed like I was doing all the pursuing. It turned out someone leaked the top secret info to him that I was going to ask him, therefore he totally knew and set it up for me to ask him, so I did! It took a lot, but I'm sure glad I did! Little did I know, he already had two other functions that SAME weekend, with 2 different girls. I thought "are you kidding me?" I have NO shot with this hot guy. Of course everyone else likes him. I felt like a loser. Turns out one of the other girls he went with he had already taken them out on a date. So I felt it was a true long shot for this thing to ever workout.

So back to the function, I had an absolute blast with him. We had tons in common, great conversation, and made each other laugh. I kept thinking, "man I wish I could date this guy, but too bad that won't happen."

The next day I was talking to my mother on the phone about this "mystery" guy. I was going on and on (kind of like I am in this post!) about this amazing guy. Except I thought he was a little shady for going on 3 dates in 1 weekend. For those that know Marc, this is hilarious and way out of character for him. While I was rambling, he beeped in on the phone and my heart literally started pounding out of my chest I was so excited. I could not believe he was calling! I mean OMG, right? Well he did not really call to just chat, he called to tell me about this ginormous deer he had just killed, Well of course I was super excited and most definitely wanted to see it. Therefore he brought it in the back of his truck and pulled up in the back lot of the pi phi house. And yes I acted the most excited I have ever been before over this massive deer he had just killed with his BOW! I held its horns, and said how awesome it was. Seriously I just thought he looked mighty nice in his camo. I mean the deer was huge, but you know my mind was elsewhere.
The deer is now proudly displayed in our home in the office!

The rest is history. Ok not really, but kind of.
He took me out on a double date to a basketball game a couple weekends after that and forgot about the other "girls!" from then on out!
That basketball game was November of 2003.
We got engaged February of 25, 2005! We were married on August 12, 2005!

I knew when I met him that if he would ever have me and like/love me the same way I loved him, we would for sure get married. So I guess you could say, I do believe in love at first sight.

I love the story of how we met. (even though its long!)
Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for Marc. I feel so blessed to have him as my husband. I think about how we are starting this 5th year of marriage, and I really think it just might, possibly be the BEST! We seriously have so much fun together and love where we are at right now in our lives. And it could possibly be the last year we have without kiddos! ;) eek! Don't get your hopes up moms!

Thanks for reading! Hope your retinas are not bleeding yet.

I decided to make a slide for our wedding because I never did and though it might be time. Unforgettable was the song we 1st danced to, hence why it plays in the background. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Keith and more

The Keith Urban concert ended up being a blast! I drove down Thursday afternoon with enough time to grab some dinner with my fam! Dad took us to bonefish and it was super yummy! Meg and I shared a phenomenal steak! I think its officially one of my most favorite places to eat.

I unfortunately only had my phone camera and not my real one so it would not focus in on his face. Oh well, it was still super fun!
Then on Friday I got to have lunch with some friends I haven't seen in awhile which was fun and I also had an opportunity to visit my grandmother and catch up with her.
Later that night I headed to Conway to see the wonderful French family. Afterwards, Liz and I went to the lake and had dinner with my dad! Aww such sweet dad... Too bad I didn't get a pic of us. I just got one me and Liz.
We played most of the day on the lake

Liz almost surfed! So close! She will for sure get it next time!

I headed home on Saturday and went with marc to the annual northstar picnic. (aka- Marc's company get together)
Sunday, we went to church and to eat at Fish City grill with Katie and Andrew. Since we were already at the promenade, we talked the boys into letting us go shop for a little while, so they went and played golf of course. It's becoming a routine Sunday afternoon thing for those two.

And look who got to come with us shopping!

He was so happy and good the whole time! he loved all of the different colors.
Ahh I just love this little guy so much!

Marc and I are going to keep Sawyer tonight! It should be interesting! Ha! I guess we will see if we can actually handle a baby!!!

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Thursday, August 6, 2009


Just wanted you to go vote for one of my old friends from college, Dan Faires! He has entered the DIY's StudFinder competition and is one of 3 semi-finalist!
You can vote everyday during the month of August.

Watch his video below on how to make an awesome "Do it Yourself" craft! it is really cool! I would love to make one some day (of course with my sweet hubby's help!) We all know I should never use a power tool all by myself!
Click here to vote for him!

p.s- Thanks for all the support by joining my blog! I really appreciate it! It's so fun to see my readers. Look, I posted twice this week already! Woohoo, now I just have to keep it up!

Later today I'm off to Little Rock to go see Keith Urban with my fun fam! I'm so pumped, I feel like I haven't been to a concert in forever! I also get to catch up with some fun friends that I haven't seen in awhile. I will be sure to post some pics from the concert.
Have a Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blogging Goals

I'm officially setting myself some blogging goals.

First, I am going to try to blog at least once a week, if I get really good at that I might go for 2 times a week! I am going to need your support on this! I know I only have 8 followers right now, which is fine, but I know there are others out there that do read this blog, such as family members and close friends! So if you are reading this, please do me a favor and join this site, right over here on the right. This way I can know who my audience is. I promise I won't think you are a stalker. I will seriously appreciate it. I want to have at least 50 followers someday!
Second, I want to make a fun header, but I have no idea how. Now that I have updated my look, I would love something that is fun like a picture or something. I have tried numerous times, but cannot seem to figure it out! Anyone out there have any advice for me? Thanks in advance if you do! UPDATE- I figured out how to get words on the picture, but can't seem to get the size right. HELP!
Thirdly, I am going to start participating in some blog hops! I think they are way fun, I just have never taken the time to do one. If you want to do one, this is a great one that just started. There is also lots of great tips for blogs on there. You also can have a chance to win $100 just for participating!

Thanks for being a part of this blog. I truly appreciate all of my readers!