Wednesday, March 12, 2014

16 and 17 months

Well here we are in the middle of March. February flew by as usual with all of the weather and sickness, but we are happy the weather is finally warming up!
Our days are filled with fun w/ this little one who seems to be growing extremely too quickly. She is full of life, spunky, and super fun. We have such a blast with her

Here are a few pics from the past couple of months.

What we are loving these days:
-BUBBLES- outside or in the bath, we beg for bubbles all day long
-Golf balls and ping pong balls. Rarely do we go anywhere w/o one of those. Weird I know.
-"THIS"- We call our lovie, "this." That was a mom fail on my part- everytime I ask her if she wanted her lovie, I would say, "Do you want this"? So that stuck and now we don't go anywhere w/o it. I love it and never want that to change.
-Food- she can put down a ton of food, her main love is NOODLES, which she asks for every meal and in between. haha. We also love blueberries, bananas, ribs, cheese, grapes, green beans and sometimes turkey and chicken
-She loves being outside
-Some words she can say are - dog, mama, dada, bubbles, bath, balls, baby, beck, meg-meg pop-pop, pappy, papa, nana, bruiser, please, thank you, slide, snack, noodles, this, NO, Amen 
-Some favorite songs are: itsy bitsy spider, abc's, jesus loves me, patty cake
-Some favorite books: brown bear, where is baby's pumpkin/easter eggs, Madeline, 5 little monkeys
-She loves dancing, jumping, twirling, clapping
-She has all of her teeth now except for the 2yrs molars. 
-Her hair is growing rapidly and I'm obsessed with it!
-She loves going to school
-She loves plying w// older kids
-She also LOVES her Meg-meg!!!

So there is the latest w/ miss Maren! Soaking each day up and loving it!