Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Couples shower for Miss Maren

So our amazing friends {mostly from our community group} threw us the most fabulous, couples/baby shower I have ever seen! Let me just say, I have some pretty talented friends and I could not be more thankful for each and everyone of them! I can't even begin to tell you how humbled Marc and I were to get to experience this super fun party thrown just for our child! Maren is already so spoiled by all of her aunts and uncles! My friend Jenessa hosted it at her house and she used to be a full time wedding planner/coordinator then my other friend, Katie also plans parties and decorates for people, so those 2 together outdid themselves on this party!

Party favors and a super cute quote! The cute mug had a bag of coffee in it.

The theme was cocktails, mocktails and desserts. The desserts were so delicious that I tried one of everything, twice! :)
Macaroons, White choc covered oreos, strawberry and red velvet cupcakes, creme brulee,
and  chocolate yumminess were all on the menu.

Cocktails and Mocktails
Beautiful table arrangements

Sweet friends!

They also had a photo booth for everyone to play in! Everyone dressed up then had their pic taken by a Polaroid camera to be put in a book for Maren! So hilarious. 
Here were the dress-up options.

I mean I can't even handle it.

If I'm ever having a bad day, I will just open this book because of all of the hilarious photos in it!
Not sure when this book will be age appropriate :) Or How we explain all of these crazy people to her, but it's super fun and an awesome thing to have at any party!

Opening fun, frilly gifts!

My sweet fam came!

A super cute onesie and matching paci clip made by my friend Haley who also has an etsy shop 

All of the wonderful Hosts/Hostesses

We are so very blessed to have this group of friends to do life with. We have been a part of it for 5 years now and each new couple that comes or has been there since the beginning with us, we have developed such strong friendships with over the years. Each of them have prayed for us while we were on our journey of infertility and encouraged us along the way.  I really don't know what we would do without them. We are so excited to be able to raise our child alongside them now as most of them already have children. We are looking forward to this next chapter and can't wait for Maren to meet all of her crazy Aunts and Uncles!

Thank you to all those who helped! I woke up just feeling humbled by you graciousness, love and support. We definitely don't deserve it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

3D Pics and a Date!

Last week we had the privilege of getting to see our sweet girl in 3D/4D. We got some great pictures of her face! I couldn't believe how well they turned out. Obviously there are some weird shadows and spots, but overall we have a good picture of what she will look like. The same people who came to our house to do the gender reveal party did this scan as well. You can find them HERE on FB and if you are local, I highly recommend seeing them because they are so sweet and fun to work with..
When we first started the scan, she decided she would keep her hands and feet in front of her face. She is very talented like that. Ha! Maybe she will be an Olympian Gymnast?! Kidding.
I had to lay on both of my sides, get up and walk around, go to the bathroom and finally she moved! It was amazing seeing hat cute little face and her features. We think she has Marc's eyes and his chin. I think she has my nose and lips. Either way I can't wait to kiss that face all over.

Oh and that is not a ton of dark hair, its just a shadow :) Although they were pretty sure she does have some hair.

Ok so I'm slightly obsessed!

I posted one of the 3d pictures on FB and then my sweet friend Mare (who I have written about a ton on here) sent me this and said "Olivia can't wait to meet her bff!" Talk about make you tear up... this will do it. 2 precious miracles. The day they get to meet will be so special and I can't wait.

Here is the growing Bump at 31Weeks, 5Days...She is approx 16 inches in length and she weighs 3lb8oz.

We had 2 big doctor appointments this week. All went well and she is measuring exactly where she should be, which is a huge relief. We did see the specialist and he will continue monitoring me as he saw some blood flow issues with the chord. If it continues to decrease she may be here a bit earlier than expected like around the 36/37 week mark. As of right now it is not a concern and we aren't too worried about it. He said that it is a very gradual thing over time. I will go back in 2 weeks to get checked again. Overall everything else looks perfect, Praise Jesus. We also found out she is in a breech position, again this doesn't matter too much because we are doing a c-section anyways. We were also able to go ahead and schedule her birth date too! It is set for October 16, 2012! As we were sitting there scheduling it, I whispered to Marc asking him if this was real! Such a surreal moment for me once again {i think I've had a million of these moments, and I'm sure they will continue}.
We will get to meet her in 1 month and 22 days if we get to go to 39 weeks if not before then! Time has flown by and continues to fly by. I'm trying to get myself really prepared for if she were to come early, because you just never know! And I do use the "prepared" term loosely :).

Thursday, August 16, 2012

bump Updates and such

I realize is been awhile since posting actual updates! Time is absolutely flying by. Today I am 30W4days, so we are at the 8 1/2 week countdown which is super hard to believe. I feel like I've been in a whirlwind trying to get stuff done around our house and complete projects. I think my nesting kicked in way early. I've had a blast getting her room ready. This past weekend we all worked very hard to have it mostly ready so that if she comes early we would be prepared to bring her home. I'm still feeling awesome, somewhat tired at times, but I think that's because I go non-stop.My back is still feeling awesome, which again is truly a miracle. It seriously feels better than it did before I was pregnant. Back at the beginning, there was a huge possibility that I would already be on bed rest by now, so we feel very blessed and thankful that has not had to happen yet. It is finally getting real to me. I'm starting to imagine life with an actual baby around. As long as we have waited, I feel so unprepared on how we are supposed to care for a little persons life! I mean I have only thought about getting pregnant, staying pregnant, not going into preterm labor, etc. Now I actually need to start thinking about how to care for a newborn. Where is the manual for that? :) We keep saying if all of our friends did it, surely we can do it too! I'm just hoping all those wonderful motherly instincts kick in for me, because I do feel somewhat clueless.
I have also started to feel very sentimental with my time with Marc lately. I know its about to change, and if one more person tells me that I may scream! We know it will! But we are so thankful, because this is what we have wanted and prayed so diligently for. We are ready for it to be 3 instead of 2! We have had 7 great years of just being us, and we have traveled and done just about everything we have wanted, but we are ready for the next chapter. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that it will be an adjustment, but again we are ready!!!
Here are some bump pics from the past 3 weeks... I don't feel as large as I look, but I do love having a bump. I think my body loves being pregnant as much as I do!
28 weeks
29 weeks
30 weeks

And here is a sneak peak of her sweet room!

By the way, trying to match paint to a fabric is IMPOSSIBLE! I spent probably 4 weeks and 6 trips to Sherwin Williams to try and get the right paint color for the turquoise piece. I became a little obsessive over it, but was too determined to give up. Finally after mixing a few samples, I found what I liked and had them color match it. It was way too long of a process, but FINALLY, I had some success! And it matches the chairs perfectly! Which was the goal :) My mom painted it and did a great job.
I'm having some frames made for above her bed, but for now I put her awesome banner in there and love it! I also love how light and airy it is. It feels fresh and clean and I can't wait to hang out in there!
Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2nd shower

This past Sunday I was overwhelmingly blessed once again with a fabulous shower from several of my friends in NWA. Every detail was once again perfect. I feel so very loved by everyone that hosted and by those that attended.
This was the adorable invite designed by my good friend, Leah.

The goody table! cupcakes, rice crispy treats, brownies, and fruit kabobs.

My beautiful mom and sis! Don't know what I'd do without them!

Amazing hand made banner by Leah. It matched my bumper and curtain fabric perfectly.

Cute painting for the door and that I can use in her room!

All my sweet hostesses!

All of the grandmothers oohing and awing!

I still can't believe these things are for me! I'm so used to throwing them that I feel like I should be helping and not just enjoying :). We got so many great, useful things for sweet Maren. Her room is almost complete now. If I went into labor, I think we have mostly all the necessities we would need to bring her home now! My sweet mother and Marc's step mother helped me a ton this weekend with painting things and helping me finish up several things. We are right at the 2 month countdown, so she will be here before I even know it.

I will have an update very soon on the growing bump and maybe a sneak peak of the room!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

7 years strong

Today we celebrate 7 years together! Today we look back over when we said "I do."

Cabo Honeymoon

Today we love each other more than ever. As we look back over the past year, we were tested, challenged, let down, blessed with strength, excited, fearful, blessed beyond belief and most of all grateful for a new life coming soon. It's makes me teary eyed to think back over this past year. So many emotions flood me. Hurt and Happiness all in one. Its difficult to wrap my mind around it all.
One thing you will never hear us say is that infertility defeated our marriage. It for sure made us stronger. It helped draw us closer together in a way I didn't think was possible. I'm so thankful to walk beside this man in life. He encourages me, loves me when I fail him {and just so you know that is A LOT}. I will never claim a "best wife award." ever. He understands my craziness and quirks and he gets me. He truly is my soul mate and I can't believe he chose to do life with me.

Today we get to celebrate each other and our miracle baby that will be here in a short nine weeks. We were also blessed with a baby shower today so we considered that the best gift ever. Thank you to all those have been on our journey with us the past 7 years and especially the last couple of years. We could not do life without our friends and family.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My 1st Shower

Well I can't believe it, but I actually had my very first shower in Little Rock this past weekend. It was so surreal. I've attended so many baby showers always wondering if I would ever get to experience my own... and it finally became a reality!
It was absolutely perfect and the hostesses made each detail so special and meaningful for me. This cake was one of the most awesome things I have ever seen. My moms friend makes cakes for friends on the side, and she made this one for the shower along with all the cupcakes. The coral part is the exact pattern of my fabric and the cake are the exact colors of my nursery. Incredible!

Precious cupcakes!

3 generations and 1 more on the way!
Sweet words from friends.

Cute vintage gowns and the gifts!

openings presents!

This was an amazing, personalized and very intricate scrapbook that someone made me. It meant so much to me and we were amazed at all the detail. Thank you Vicki!

Sweet friends that came to see me!

It was such a fun day. I feel humbled and blessed by all the love and support! Unfortunately, my camera got switched with my moms and I don't have a pic with my amazing hostesses, but I'm so very thankful for all that they did for me. Everything was absolutely perfect.