Monday, November 4, 2013

12 months

I'm still playing catch up!

Here is her 12 month post... not bad she won't even be 13 months for 4 more days! This may be a record. haha.

So her 12 month was from September 8th-October 8th 2013

9/10- She started standing on her own and loved it
9/12- took a few steps on her own
-Learned she is terrified of balloons or any other inflatable for that matter, therefore there were none at her party!
-Loves baby dolls, books, blocks, balls, and cars
-she's hilarious and can be such a ham sometimes
-she may or may not be developing a strong will....
-can make a doggy sound, monkey sound and sign all-done
-can play itsy bitsy spider, patty cake, high-five, wo pig and touchdown
-made the complete switch to whole milk! woohoo for no more formula!
-still loves her bottles though, even asks for them!
-went to several pumpkin patches and enjoyed them a ton. side note: she calls pumpkins: bubbas. She knows exactly whatI mean when i say go get you pumpkin then she shows me a says, bubba? :)
-10/7- began cutting 4 back molars. that was fun.
-started fully walking 1 week after her birthday!
-weighs 18lbs. 5oz 28in long

photo credit:

We have way too much fun with this kiddo! We like to tell people we special ordered her, which we kind of did. I got really emotional cleaning out all her of her little summer clothes the other day as its getting chilly here in Northwest Arkansas. Marc and I are overwhelmed with how the Lord has blessed us with her. It literally brings tears to our eyes most days when we think about our little miracle.
I can't believe she's one!

Monday, October 28, 2013

11 Months

Better late than never... {even though she's closer to 13 months now...oops}
I deserve the worst mom ever award!  But I'm about to attempt to play catch up... pomise.
Maren at 11 months...August 8th-September 8th
-sleeps from 8:30-7:30
-can say: bye, bye, baby, ball, pop-pop, da-da, ba-ba (for bottle)
-can wave and imitate us
-pulls up and cruises all around the house and furniture
-started mothers day out on 9/9/13 and loves it!
-takes 4 bottles a day and eats 2-3 meals
-super animated
-weights 18.2lbs
-can hold her bottle on her own
-has 8 teeth

She is so much fun and such a happy girl!

Monday, September 9, 2013

10 months

I do in fact realize this is a month late, but my blog press app decided to stop working and I've had a virus on my computer... needles to say the technology has really put a damper in this area of my life.

But our little punkin is just a blast. In her 10th month, 
-she can say bah-bah, pah-pah, bye-bye, and maybe a few other words (of course no mama or da-da.)
-has 8 teeth
-can cruise around the furniture w/o falling
-is the fastest crawler i've ever seen
-shes obsessed w/ me and has major separation anxiety
-loves to feed herself (graham cracker, bananas, peaches, cheerios, green beans, turkey, cheese)
-can drink out of a straw, loves her sippy cup w/ apple juice
-loves dancing and bouncing to music
-loves books
-she also has developed a love for praise baby dvd's. she will not watch anything else
-she weighs 18lbs and wears 9-12 month clothes. however, her feet are the size of 0-3 month old :)

We honestly can't get enough of her. She is tons of fun and seriously such a good baby.

Monday, July 15, 2013

9 months

3 months left people... til she turns one! AGHH make this slow down pease!
We have been traveling quite a bit and now we are finally home for awhile...
since my last post this is what little bit has been up to!

-She has grown lots of hair and teeth (she has 6 now)
-She is in size 3 diapers
-She wears 6-12 month clothing
-She pulls up on everything
-She is officially crawling!!! I thought we were going to skip this b/c she started pulling up first.
-She is finally napping in her crib instea of her swing! Yay, huge accomplishment
-She loves to eat puffs, bananas, and mostly all baby food.
-She has 4-5 bottles a day
-Sleeps about 10hrs a night w/ no waking up
-Her favorite toy is anything she can pull up on and lids
-She does not take a paci and still has no lovie :( I want her to have something but she truly hasn't become attached to anything but me.
-She still loves her car seat and will usually take at least 1 nap a day in it while running errands. She is still a great traveler
-She loves most people, especially men
-She grunts when she likes/wants something :)
-She is finally making some sounds: bah bah, pa pa (still no da da or ma ma) which we work on everyday
-She is I can hardly handle it.

this happens as soon as she wakes up or doesn't want to go to sleep....

nightly walks are the best!

Standing is her favorite!

Do any of you moms have advice of how to get them on a good nap schedule and how I can get her to go down w/o a bottle... I started that only to transition her out of the swing but know i need to stop soon!


Monday, June 24, 2013

7 and 8 months

Miss Priss was 7 months May 8th...

She is obviously a happy girl!
-She slept awesome through the night. 9-6:30 w/ no waking up
-Takes about 4oz every 3 1/2-4hrs
-She got really good at rolling (i know, super late)
-She's a belly sleeper
-She loved her jumper, sitting or rolling around in the florr
-Loves to cackle
-Super hard to take out to eat b/c she doesn't quite fit in a high chair
-April 26th started sitting up by herself
-April 27th- began rolling from back to belly

On June 8th, She turned 8 months!
-She is super happy still! Her laugh may be the best thing ever.
-She sleeps from 8:30-7:30 w/o waking up!
-She takes 6oz every 4hrs
-She loves all baby food
-Still wears size 2 diapers (needs to bump up soon)
-Have no clue how much she weighs
-She got dedicated on May 12, Mothers Day. It was such a special day.
-She traveled to Orange Beach, Al on May 13th and did fantastic
-She loves puffs, yogurt melts, and mum mums
-She loves any and all baby food. Still trying to get better at feeding her more than once a day :)
-She loves water! Loves the lake, the pool and still loves the bath
-She also loves watching older kids play
-Still loves swinging

This punkin is seriously such a joy. Her personality just gets better everyday. We can't imagine if we had never done ivf. She was definitely worth it all.
I absolutely love being at home with her everyday and also working a little from home as well. I enjoy watching her learn new things and explore her little world! Time is just flying by and I'm trying to just take it all in.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My friend, Em

I have never participated in the "Show us Your Life" series from Kelly's Korner Blog before, but I have the perfect reason for doing it this time! Today is "Show us your life: Singles Edition.
I want to introduce you to an amazing woman! Her name is Emily Canada and has an incredible personality, so much so that her best friend made a rap for her. {see below}
So instead of reading a bunch of words, listen to this Rap to catch of glimpse of Emily!

Turn your speakers down if you are at work. :) Best Rap Ever!

Like it says, Don't be shy guys!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lake time!

ANNND its been a month since I last posted. Ughh, I'm so mad at myself for not making the time to keep this up. Although, this past month has been on-the-go and a little cray cray. But I really want to start back up so Maren can know what all she got to do in her 1st year of life.
First of all, she will be 8 months in 4 days.. so I will do her 7th and 8th month post soon.

Secondly, We got to take her to the lake on memorial weekend. I was super nervous that she may not do well out on the boat.. which would be tragic for the whole family. But no need to worry, she LOVED it, I mean she did amazing. We were out there for 3 days straight and she got in the water, handled her bulky life jacket well, and even fell asleep sitting straight up and lying down. If you know my family, you know that my parents are there every weekend. Those were my summers and I loved every minute of it. I'm hoping Maren will get to do the same.
She is definitely a water baby! She is so much fun right now, and probably one of the happiest, laid back babies I've ever known. I'm swear I'm not trying to brag... but we are so thankful and can't get enough of her.

She just out of the blue started doing this crinkle nose, open mouthed smile and it cracked me up! She hasn't done it much in the past few days, but it was cute while it lasted.

and again :)

My favorite people at my favorite location!

Water baby! and it was freezing~

and again...

Must have a hair bow with the life jacket. 2 great accessories.

Hope you all had a great Memorial weekend as well!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

6.5 months

Well I have somewhat neglected my blog this past month and I do apologize. I'm just having the time of my life with our baby girl and she distracts me most of the days. I also feel pretty boring these days so I haven't been very inspired to write about much.

But now that Maren is almost 7 months old... Here is what she is up to. First of all we are over half way to her 1st birthday. Sadness. I just want to bottle up all of her cuteness, and this might be my most favorite age yet. I love that I don't have to discipline her yet and she is just so stinking fun. She is still super easy and content I could not be more thankful.

-She still loves her carseat and will nap in it if need be
-Travels great
-Just this weekend started rolling from back to belly.... just a tad late ;)
-She can sit up for awhile by herself
-Loving any and all baby foods plus a few little tastes of my food sometimes
-Starting to master a sippy cup
-Loves her big girl stroller
-Weighs 14 1/2lbs and can't remember her length. But it was 10th percentile again
-Wears size 2 diapers
-Wears 0-3 month still and some 6-12month things
-She sleeps from 9:00pm-6:30/7a
-Has had 2 unfotunate ear infections :(
-She has about 5 bottles of formula a day every 3 1/2-4hrs
-Takes about a 2hr nap in the mornings in her swing and 30min- 1hr nap in afternoons. I hope to start weaning from the swing but its just so easy right now and I feel like keeps her flexible to still sleep on the go.
-Still has only 2 teeth but the top ones I keep thinking will be popping through soon
-She loves people and kids- no stranger danger yet
-Her laugh is contageous

This kid loves swinging!

sitting up!

Best pout pout face EVER! And yes I will always give her what she wants when she does this ;)

Dear Maren,
You are such a joy to have in our lives. Your sweet smile is the best thing ever and makes us smile everyday. You have a sweet personality about you and are also super fun. I love being able to spend my days with you and having our time together. I would be so sad to miss out on all the fun we've been having. Your love people makes me so happy and your laugh is the most amazing thing ever. Sweet girl, thanks for bringing a joy to our lives that we've never experienced. Time needs just slow down a bit!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We celebrated Easter in Little Rock over the weekend. My grandmother is in the hospital and we wanted to make sure and get to see her.
Maren hammed it up all day on Easter! She was so glad Jesus is Risen and that He has victor over death! We went to church with my family and then went back and had a late lunch with some family friends.
obsessed with her dress! Her Granny D bough her that.

She loved her Easter basket!

Her Easter meal! :) yummy rice cereal!

what a poser!

Thankful the Lord died on the cross for our sins and the reason for celebrating this Holiday!