Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year and a New Job

Well on Wednesday I officially started my new job as a stay at home mom! Right before Christmas God made it very obvious to me what I should do. I had battled this decision for 11 months and was completely torn. I went back and forth, back and forth. I absolutely loved my job at the church. I did administration for the elementary ministries there. I was in my 6th year and wasn't sure if I could give it up. The team I worked with was like my 2nd family. They have been there for me through it all, prayed non-stop for Marc and I and have been so gracious. I really was unsure how I would ever live without them.
After my first day back I knew my heart wasn't there anymore. The work was clearly not my passion and my heart was with my baby at home. Then on Tuesday afternoon Marc's bosses threw out an option for me to work from home for their company managing some social media for Field Agent. I was so excited and knew right then God was making a way for me to be at home with our miracle baby. On Wednesday I told them and then that next Thursday was my last day. I got to leave on good terms and was able to give myself closure. It was so affirming to me after being there for 2 weeks.
I'm so thankful that I'm able to do this and that Marc is excited for me to stay home. I will forever be grateful for that job because the insurance I had through it made it possible for me to do ivf. If it weren't for that job and insurance we would have never been able to do it, so for that I feel like i owe them everything and we will forever be thankful!

So my first 2 days went well and I could not be more excited to enter this new stage of life. I feel like I've always been jealous of those that stay home with their babies, but never thought I would be cut out for it. I do know it won't always be easy or fun, but I don't think I will ever regret it. I would be sad missing all the "firsts" and the fun in between!

Any words of advice for this new SAHM?!


Jenny and Mark Bradley said...

You'll love it! I haven't looked back once.

T's Mommy said...

You will love it! Make sure to get you time tho! Stay active with mom groups. Ecfe, library, music classes,, mops etc!!! Keep an active schedule and routine!! Something that really helped me was to prep the next day before bed, pack diaper bag, cut fruit up, pack snacks etc!!!

T's Mommy said...

You will love it!! A few things I suggest is making sure you get 'me' time, whether its a trip to target alone once a week or grabbing a coffee. Also, stay involved with mom groups. Ecfe, library story times, music class, swim lessons, mops etc!!!

The Lady of the House said...

I have four children now, and while there are days I get frustrated and exhausted, I would never (nor does it ever cross my mind) want to work outside the home.

I love being a SAHM and raising my children.

The Rippy's said...

I don't regret one thing about staying home! You will love it!! Once she gets a little bigger you can schedule play dates with friends, bible studies with other mommies, go to the library, park or zoo, etc... It is so much fun to watch them grow and really love you! Plus now that I'm home I can get laundry, cleaning, etc done during the day and I get to spend my nights and weekends with Alli and Chris instead of doing all that stuff after work! Enjoy it!! :)

MissyQ said...

I feel bad even posting a comment. But honestly, I wish someone would have sat me down and shared about being a SAHM. So since I can't sit down with you and a cup of coffee, this comment with have to do. :)

After 9 years of waiting and hoping and praying I became a mom to our miracle girl. And then 3 months later I got pregnant (WHAT!). My babies are 14 months apart and I wasn't able to stay home right away. But when they were 2 & 3, the Lord provided an opportunity for me to work PT nights.

Being a SAHM was a dream come true. I was SO excited I could hardly see straight. I am so thankful that I get to be home and we have now decided to homeschool (they are 4 & 5). Every day I thank the Lord for his blessings.

Every day I also go to bed exhausted. I want to tear my hair out. I can never get my housework done. This blessing of being a SAHM has been the absolute hardest thing I have ever done. EVER! Now granted my kiddos are close together in age and very strong-willed, and of course the "terrible 2's" usually last until 4 or 5 as far as I'm concerned! :)

Rely first on prayer, and then family, friends and play dates! Play dates are manna sent from heaven! Make sure you take time for you too. You will sometimes feel like you are "working" 24x7 - well I guess as a mom you are! :) Since I'm home with the kids, Daddy has taken on the responsiblity of devotions and bed time at night. I still kiss and hug and tuck in but the majority of it is daddy. It provides lots of great time with daddy and also gives me a little break.

Hope it's ok I shared this - just wanted to be honest about my experience, and I'm sure that everyone is different. Will be praying for you as you begin this new journey!