Thursday, August 16, 2012

bump Updates and such

I realize is been awhile since posting actual updates! Time is absolutely flying by. Today I am 30W4days, so we are at the 8 1/2 week countdown which is super hard to believe. I feel like I've been in a whirlwind trying to get stuff done around our house and complete projects. I think my nesting kicked in way early. I've had a blast getting her room ready. This past weekend we all worked very hard to have it mostly ready so that if she comes early we would be prepared to bring her home. I'm still feeling awesome, somewhat tired at times, but I think that's because I go non-stop.My back is still feeling awesome, which again is truly a miracle. It seriously feels better than it did before I was pregnant. Back at the beginning, there was a huge possibility that I would already be on bed rest by now, so we feel very blessed and thankful that has not had to happen yet. It is finally getting real to me. I'm starting to imagine life with an actual baby around. As long as we have waited, I feel so unprepared on how we are supposed to care for a little persons life! I mean I have only thought about getting pregnant, staying pregnant, not going into preterm labor, etc. Now I actually need to start thinking about how to care for a newborn. Where is the manual for that? :) We keep saying if all of our friends did it, surely we can do it too! I'm just hoping all those wonderful motherly instincts kick in for me, because I do feel somewhat clueless.
I have also started to feel very sentimental with my time with Marc lately. I know its about to change, and if one more person tells me that I may scream! We know it will! But we are so thankful, because this is what we have wanted and prayed so diligently for. We are ready for it to be 3 instead of 2! We have had 7 great years of just being us, and we have traveled and done just about everything we have wanted, but we are ready for the next chapter. Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that it will be an adjustment, but again we are ready!!!
Here are some bump pics from the past 3 weeks... I don't feel as large as I look, but I do love having a bump. I think my body loves being pregnant as much as I do!
28 weeks
29 weeks
30 weeks

And here is a sneak peak of her sweet room!

By the way, trying to match paint to a fabric is IMPOSSIBLE! I spent probably 4 weeks and 6 trips to Sherwin Williams to try and get the right paint color for the turquoise piece. I became a little obsessive over it, but was too determined to give up. Finally after mixing a few samples, I found what I liked and had them color match it. It was way too long of a process, but FINALLY, I had some success! And it matches the chairs perfectly! Which was the goal :) My mom painted it and did a great job.
I'm having some frames made for above her bed, but for now I put her awesome banner in there and love it! I also love how light and airy it is. It feels fresh and clean and I can't wait to hang out in there!
Let me know what you think!


Joys Truly said...

I love all the turquoise! The chairs, the outside of the crib and that small bookshelf/dresser. Very cute and very airy to be hanging out in. So jealous! I know it will be some time until we have a full fledged nursery.

Carrie said...

You look so cute and so happy!! I LOVE her room! The turquoise looks great! Her banner is so cute, I hope you find a place for it somewhere in her room. I remember being so happy once I hit the 30 week're getting so close! I didn't read any baby care books because I didn't want to be overwhelmed with tons of opinions. I listened to my nurses and pediatrician, but mostly, I listened to my own instincts...they really do kick in!

Carly Grace said...

you're just darling!