Monday, September 9, 2013

10 months

I do in fact realize this is a month late, but my blog press app decided to stop working and I've had a virus on my computer... needles to say the technology has really put a damper in this area of my life.

But our little punkin is just a blast. In her 10th month, 
-she can say bah-bah, pah-pah, bye-bye, and maybe a few other words (of course no mama or da-da.)
-has 8 teeth
-can cruise around the furniture w/o falling
-is the fastest crawler i've ever seen
-shes obsessed w/ me and has major separation anxiety
-loves to feed herself (graham cracker, bananas, peaches, cheerios, green beans, turkey, cheese)
-can drink out of a straw, loves her sippy cup w/ apple juice
-loves dancing and bouncing to music
-loves books
-she also has developed a love for praise baby dvd's. she will not watch anything else
-she weighs 18lbs and wears 9-12 month clothes. however, her feet are the size of 0-3 month old :)

We honestly can't get enough of her. She is tons of fun and seriously such a good baby.