Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have a new found love for vitamins! Lots of times when you swallow them, they have a terrible after taste, which causes me to not want to take them. Not anymore! I discovered one-a-day Adult Gummy Vitamins! Marc and I love them. I used to take the kind for kids in College, just because I really liked them. but now, they have a complete one for Adults. So if you have trouble taking your daily viatmin, you should try this one. (I promise I am not getting paid for this, I just seriously like them! Ha.)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 18th Birthday Meg!

Today is my little sis' birthday! I can't believe how old she is. I feel like it was just the other day that I named her and had her bassinet in my room like she was my very own little babydoll. I was so proud the day she was born. I think my parents were glad the day she was born too, so I would  not turn out to be a pathetic, only child who had imaginary friends. (I had two...yikes I must have been bord). Being that we are 7.5 years apart, we didn't have a ton of time together at home. We had 2 completely different lives at home. I left home when she had just finished 4th grade, and now she is graduating. WOW, I can't even believe it. I'm so excited she has chosen the UofA for college. (i had nothing to do with this choice of course...wink, wink.) I mean I have only been waiting 8 years for her! Ha. Sorry mom.
Anyways, back to the birthday girl. I'm truly thankful to have such an amazing sister. We have really become close the past few years and I'm way excited for next year. Although, I'm sure she will be extremely too busy for me.
So for her birthday, I decided to go to Little Rock this past weekend and surprise her. I had one of her friends take her to lunch and then I met them there. While she was ordering I came up behind her and surprised her! She couldn't believe it. Then on saturday dad took us to the races. Well as you can see, they were the big winners, and mom and I were not. Oh well, I guess it was her birthday!

We then took her to Kobes for dinner where her friends were waiting to surprise her.
She had no clue, obviously.

Then dad made his famous pancakes for breakfast on Sunday! Yummy.

So Happy Birthday Meg! We Love You!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The countdown Begins!

I'm officially starting my countdown til our cruise!

We set sail March 20th, 2010. Which is in 2 months! Wahoo. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. So there are several reasons I'm pumped about this cruise.

1- We are celebrating my sisters graduation!
2- Celebrating my dads 50th
3- Celebrating my mom and dads 30th wedding anniversary
4- Celebrating my 5 year!
5- Cruising with my family and 2 of our good couple friends!

We are going on the Oasis of the Seas! It is a brand new boat from Royal Caribbean. It is the worlds largest cruise ship! Our port of calls will be, St. Thomas, St. Marten, and Bahamas. The best part is it is 7 nights!
Wowzers, just look at this thing...

This boat has tons to do on it! Such as:
surfing, rock climbing, zip lining, eating 24/7, shopping, ice skating, aqua theater shows, etc...!
So let the countdown begin... 2 months!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 things in 2010

Marc and I usually aren't too big on New Years resolutions, but I always feel like I get a fresh start at the beginning of the year. This year I have made a few "goals" not so much a resolutions, but goals. I also have some things that I'm looking forward too!

1. We joined a gym! We haven't been a member of one for about 3 years. It feels so great to be able to workout. I can't run because of the impact it would put on my back, so its nice to have machines to help me be active.

2. We are going on a cruise in March. So I must lose at least 10lbs by then. Seriously its a MUST. Hopefully, the gym thing will help with that.

3. I'm also starting a new hobby this year. I have started taking tennis lessons the past few months and now I'm going to join a league. Tennis will be my new, "old" sport. Old being, its the only thing you can play as you get older other than co-ed softball. I'm pretty excited about this new adventure.

4. I really want to find someone to disciple me. It is so important to have encouragement and accountability in life.

5.I'm excited about doing a new study in community group and leading with Katie.

6. My bff Liz is getting married June 18th! So excited for her and looking forward to her wedding.

7. I will be celebrating 5yrs with my dreamy hubby! Cannot believe how fast time goes by. Wow, I also feel old.

8. I'm excited about my sis graduating and coming to the u of a! I have only been waiting for her for 8 yrs now. We are 7.5 yrs apart, so I'm really looking forward to living in the same city as her. And of course taking care of her her 1st yr of college!

9. I'm excited to learn how to "remain" in the Lord and I want to work on being in constant conversation with Him. John 15:4-5

10. And maybe and this is a BIG maybe try to start a family. I really go back and forth on this one. like really a lot. So don't get too excited moms.

Well those are my 10 things for 2010!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010!

I'm officially back to blogging. I took a long break while on Christmas vacation. This year we had an interesting vacation. We started off in Pollard which is where Marc's dad and step mom lives. The we headed to Little Rock. Christmas eve my grandmother went into the hospital and was there until a couple of days ago. So lots of Christmas and New Years was spent sitting in the hospital. Thankfully, she is home now and getting stronger everyday!

Here is our December in Pictures!

New house, New Neighbors!

Matt, Kara, and Boss

2nd annual pizza making


Christmas with Marc's mom and Bear!

Christmas eve with Meg

Christmas a.m.

mom gave dad an ab ball to get ready for the cruise!

one of my fave Christmas presents

He loves his new fleece!

and especially his new game camera

We got lots of hog stuff for Christmas. woo pig. What doesn't belong?!?

New Years Eve 2010

New lake toy!

Big year for the Baker/Yount family this year!
Dad turns the big 5-0
Meg graduates and turns 18!
Mom and dad celebrate 30 yrs of blissful marriage
Marc and I celebrate 5 yrs of blissful marriage!

Happy 2010!