Thursday, June 13, 2013

My friend, Em

I have never participated in the "Show us Your Life" series from Kelly's Korner Blog before, but I have the perfect reason for doing it this time! Today is "Show us your life: Singles Edition.
I want to introduce you to an amazing woman! Her name is Emily Canada and has an incredible personality, so much so that her best friend made a rap for her. {see below}
So instead of reading a bunch of words, listen to this Rap to catch of glimpse of Emily!

Turn your speakers down if you are at work. :) Best Rap Ever!

Like it says, Don't be shy guys!


Carrie said...

Where does she live in Arkansas? My brother in law is a single coach in Alma(by Fort Smith). He's super cute. You can email me back at if you want!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

I loved the rap! lol! very cute! My friend Chris might be a match for Miss Emily! He is 30, 31 in August, He loves to run and has done a couple of half marathons! Chris also enjoys biking and being outdoors. He laughs easily and doesn't take himself too seriously.:) He loves music and going to concerts, but most of all Chris loves God and lives his life to please the Lord! He lives in Louisville, ky but is from Mason, Oh. He comes with two double blessing..two beautiful girls 6 and 4. If Emily likes children she will love these two cutie pies, they will steal her heart.:) email me if she might be interested and i can send you pictures!
Thanks, lauren