I started this blog several years ago so that Marc and I could remember what the heck we did in our lives. We don't remember things very well, so hopefully we can look back at this blog each year to remind us. In the earlier blog days, I mostly posted about what we did on the weekends, different hobbies, and just fun things. These days I have started keeping up with our infertility journey that we are currently on. This blog is a great outlet for me and a great support system. I'm thankful to be able to share our story with others and maybe help someone along the way.
Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to email me anytime at: mlyount12 {at} yahoo dot com.

Here is our timeline to becoming parents so far:

March 2010- get off BC
April-Dec 2010- TTC- Nothing but finding out every single one of our friends were pregnant.
Jan 2011- get diagnosed w/ PCOS
Feb 2011- start 50mg clomid
Marc 2011- HSG (a small procedure)-tubes were all clear
April 2011- clomid w/ HCG trigger shot
May 2011- clomid, HCG, and 1st failed IUI
June 2011- clomid, HCG, and 2nd failed IUI
July 2011- clomid, HCG, and 3rd failed IUI
Aug 2011clomid, HCG, and 4th failed IUI
Sept 2011- Decide to move on to IVF. Started BC.
Oct 2011- Lupron, follistem, estrogen patches, progesterone injections. Retreived 8 eggs. Made 5 embryos.
Nov 2011- Transferred 1 embryo, lost 1 other one. found out IVF failed. Froze the other 3.
Dec 2011- Took a much needed break... Praise Jesus.
Jan 2012- Still enjoying the much needed break of not feeling crazy
Feb 2012-Transfer: 2/2/12, 1st Positive Preg. test: 2/12/12
MARCH 2012- Still in shock that we are actually pregnant
APRIL 2012- Elevated levels. Risk of Spina bifida.
MAY 2012- Its A Girl, Maren Lee Yount. Cleared of S.B.
JUNE 2012- Growing, growing

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